Product review | Handheld vacuum cleaner Electrolux ZB6114BO

I had bought, as I think many like me, an inexpensive handheld vacuum cleaner that basically sucked up little or nothing. Plus, if you didn’t clean the filters, it didn’t suck at all.
But since we would have liked a similar product, but that it was really comfortable, we decided to try one of a slightly higher price class.
What we were looking for was a battery vacuum cleaner that, when needed, could suck up dust, a few pebbles, crumbs, nothing special.
After much research, we chose the Electrolux ZB6114BO model:

I must say that we are very happy, it sucks very well, it has a good power, and the extendable suction tube is very comfortable. Also included is a fabric brush, which is held on the base.
The charging base can be kept on the floor, and you can choose between different inclinations.
The base also has an indication of the state of charge through LEDs, which is not obvious in the cheaper models.
I do not know the battery life exactly, for what we use it (a few minutes maximum) the power always remains at maximum.

On Amazon this model is not currently available, so I also recommend some similar ones. Be careful, in my opinion, not to spend less than 50 euros, it would cost too little to have enough power to be useful!

Let me know if you were happy with other models too!

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