Tefal Fresh Express+ electric grater review

A little tired of grating cheese and carrots, we thought we’d try an electric grater. In the end, after reading a thousand different opinions, we decided that it was worth it, and found the best for quality/price: we chose the Tefal Fresh Express+ model.
PS. I noticed that other brands also have a model that looks identical, such as Moulinex, let me know if you try them!

I must say it was a nice surprise, and very simple operation.
The various graters are very convenient and allow you to grate cheese, carrots, but also cut zucchini, onions and garlic into slices. But a thousand other things can be done.
I have read some who complained that with the grater it is difficult to not make a mess, but in reality I found it very simple, just use a large enough container. For the cheese I use a much smaller one than the one in the photo without any problem.

Very interesting and practical is the system to keep all the graters together, and also the color coding, easy to use and to keep in order.

The use is simple and fast, cleaning is also done in an instant.

The washable parts can also be put in the dishwasher, which other models did not allow. Actually I have always washed them by hand which is a very fast operation.

The parts that can be washed are:
– graters,
– the cone for pressing food down,
– the transparent main body, which can be disassembled with a simple 45 degree rotation.
The rest, that is the electrical part (the red body, to understand each other), on the other hand, cannot be washed (I mean in the dishwasher or immersed), but it is not a problem as it does not get dirty and the food does not come into contact with it.

What can I say, recommended!

Here it is in operation 😋

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