Varier Multi balans ergonomic chair (Stokke) for home and office

From today we have a new tenant: the Varier Multi balans ergonomic chair (ex Stokke) that will be used by my wife, both for studying, staying at the computer and also for crocheting Amigurumi (or knitting, I haven’t quite understood the difference yet terminology). Unfortunately, she had recently started to suffer from a slight but annoying back pain, so after trying my “Variable balans” (it was not easy to convince her to try) she was convinced of its usefulness and we tried to buy a slightly different model, but perhaps more suitable for your needs.

I think it is a beautiful gift to give to someone you love, especially for those who study or work for many hours sitting!

You can find them on Amazon at Varier official store:

From Varier site:

“Multi” is a funky chair that pushes the boundaries of conventional furniture pieces. Its sleek design, beautiful structure and supportive cushions offer a cool sitting alternative. Thanks to the wood knobs, the seat can be positioned in four different angles. Multi is compact and can lie completely flat, making it easy to carry or store. Along with the iconic kneeling design, it is the ideal all-rounder chair.

Varier chairs were designed by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik; specifically this “Multi” model in 1981, while the “Variable balans” model (which I reviewed in my previous article) in 1979.

The peculiarity of this chair, compared to the “Variable balans” is that it offers comfort in a compact, transportable size, its height can be adjusted and it has a more “stable” position. The concept of the seat is the same as the others: you seat on the knees.
The quality of the materials is as always very high, and the attention to the smallest details is noted. A chair that certainly lasts at least 10 years.

The design is patented, the seating and construction angles are patented. So the chairs that are online, similar and cheap (you can also find them for 50 euro), are not exactly the same thing.

The chair comes in the usual elegant Varier box, and inside is the chair – much to my surprise – already assembled! So unlike the “Variable balans”, you don’t need to mount it!

Some examples of use:

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