Ergonomic Varier Variable Balans chair (Stokke)

Finally I bought myself a Stokke chair, which is now in the Varier brand, which I had already had in Italy for about 10 years and with which I had a great time. Unfortunately due to the transfer I had to sell it, but it was still in excellent condition, despite being used daily it was like new!

For me who spend many hours at the desk an ergonomic chair is very important, and I hope everyone realizes that spending on an ergonomic chair is actually an investment. Working in computer science and spending many hours at the computer, I recommend an ergonomic chair, a Vesa bracket (which is a standard) with a movable arm to position the monitor at the correct height, and an ergonomic mouse trackball type. Prevention is better than cure, and after 20 years at the desk, I have no back, arm or carpal tunnel problems.

As soon as I started using a normal office chair again, I realized the difference, the bad posture, and the habit of slipping and taking bad positions, very harmful for the back, shoulders and cervical.
Imagine my happiness when it arrived today! The color this time, however, is yellow (before I had blue), to give a touch of color in the house.

The package it came in with was great, and the content was also well positioned and protected.

Big surprise for the tape to be glued under the chair, to protect the floor. In my case the chair will be placed on a carpet (we have parquet) so I thank Varier and put it in a drawer. If I remember correctly this is new, in the previous chair I don’t remember having received it.

The assembly is very simple and well explained with simple pictures.

Note the key for tightening the screws of the chair positioned under the cushion, very convenient to keep handy for when the screws – being made of wood – loosen (once a year?), So you avoid ruining the buttonholes of the fixings.

Even the attached brochure is pleasant and also illustrates all the other available chairs, I almost think about other models 🙂

There is an important note in the leaflet:

At first you may feel a slight soreness, caused by the awakening of the muscles that you have never used so far, but any discomfort will quickly disappear. We recommend that you start with short periods, and gradually increase the usage time.

I very much agree with the note, at the beginning the chair may seem uncomfortable and painful, especially on the part of the leg resting on the pillow. In a short time I regained the memory of the session, but I realize that it will still take a while to adapt perfectly.

With this I want to invite you not to immediately give a negative opinion, if by chance you try it quickly.

The advantage of this chair is that it is practically impossible to take incorrect positions, as the back is kept naturally aligned and the weight off the knees.

After all, if it were uncomfortable, they wouldn’t have sold it for more than 50 years, with numerous (failed) attempts to emulate it. Furthermore, the inclination angles are carefully studied, so it is not just a piece of wood folded “at random”. Only by trying it for a while can you find out how comfortable it is!

Ah … my advice: avoid the economic clones, they are completely different!

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