Dell XPS 15 9570 review

As a workstation I have a Dell XPS 15 9570 which I must say is a beautiful machine, like all the notebooks of the Dell XPS series designed for professionals . The design is very modern and youthful, I find it light enough and the battery lasts enough hours not to have to carry the charger during meetings, say up to 2/3 hours.
I use it mainly for web development with Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio Core, SQL Server Management Studio, Chrome and Angular, with fairly full-bodied projects, without slowing down. Perhaps the 32 GB model of RAM was better than the 16 GB, as after a day of work the RAM is a bit poor. The i7-8750H CPU (9MB Cache, up to 4.1 GHz, 6 Cores) combined with the SSD disk makes everything very fluid and I’m satisfied. Perhaps the only flaw is the position of the webcam, which does not allow me to apply the adhesive to block the camera when I am not using it (for privacy).

The video card is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB GDDR5 which I have not tested with video games, but I think it is sufficient for most titles. Instead I connected two external 21 “monitors via a Thunderbold 3 docking station (USB C), so I use 3 displays (the integrated 15” screen and the two external monitors). The docking station, via the Thunderbord cable, also takes care of the power supply, so I don’t even have to connect the Dell power supply.

When I’m on the go I use another “reduced” docking station, which works perfectly for connecting two external monitors (one on the docking, and one direct to the notebook) and a USB keyboard. This configuration instead requires you to connect the external power supply of the notebook.

I also felt comfortable with their diagnostic software and driver installation, simple to use and the product I feel supported, they also release BIOS updates a few times a year.

In the end I must say that it is an excellent purchase, recommended! A great gift for a student or family member!

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