Curly hair brush – Janeke Superbrush

There are a lot of curly hair in the family, so I became an expert in curly hair brushes! Yes, because I discovered that if you have curly hair, you need a special brush, otherwise it will either break immediately, or you will not be able to comb your hair, or make your hair frizzy.
Warning: By curly hair I mean Brazilian curly hair, not Afro.

A very famous brand would seem to be the Italian Jäneke (, based in Brianza, near Milan, and in particular their Superbrush model, has met with great success in curly hair internationally.
In particular, the Superbrush line has a monobloc brush body, ie these models do not have the “cushion” that contains the “teeth”.

And believe me, this can be a great (low cost) gift to your curly friends!. TIP: You can also found them in duty-free/tax-free areas in many airports.

In practice, the “pneumatic base” of the brush consists of a bottom defined by a particular patented beehive hole. The hot air of the hairdryer is thus distributed evenly on the hair without stressing it and the hair is dry in a few steps without drying out.

May 2020 update: unfortunately the brushes seem to be not very strong, they last less than expected: after less than a year, two different types have broken and are unusable.
We therefore contacted the manufacturer complaining about the situation, let’s see what they answer. Unfortunately I think we will have to move towards other models, because the purchase cost from Norway is “important”.

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