Comparison between Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 10.1″ (T510) and Galaxy Tab A7 2020 10.4″ (T500)

We retired a 2013 iPad and chose another Samsung Galaxy Tab. We already have a Galaxy Tab A (2019) with a 10.1″ display (T510) which we are very happy with, so we chose the updated model, the Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) with a 10.4″ display (T500).

First, don’t be fooled by the model codes, the T500 is the updated model from 2020, while the T510 is from 2019.
What are the differences between the models? In my opinion there are not many, and mainly only updates to newer technologies:
– Updated CPU and GPU => Qualcomm SM6115 Snapdragon 662 at 11nm VS Exynos 7904 at 14nm
– latest Android version => Android 10 upgradeable to Android 11 VS Android 9 upgradeable to 10
– battery with more capacity => 7040mAh VS 6150mAh
– a slightly larger screen => 10.4″ VS 10.1″, 1200×2000 VS 1200×1920, aspect ratio 5:3 VS 16:10, but with the same pixel density of 224ppi (pixels per inch)
– a better electromagnetic pollution index (SAR EU) therefore healthier => 1.01 W/kg VS 1.36 W/kg

So I do not recommend updating the tablet just for these features, but for a new purchase I would undoubtedly go towards the updated model!

Samsung Tablet vs Apple iPad

With the Galaxy tablet we have also confirmed that an iPad is just an expense of money with no real added value, indeed.
The iPad guarantees you the “Apple brand” (which I personally don’t care, not being a kid) but it takes away a lot of freedom, which Apple devices have unfortunately based their business on: making you spend money.
The cost difference is huge, for 99% of people a tablet costing 1/4 can satisfy all the needs of the family.
Also I have owned (and I own) several Samsung/Android devices and I must say that I have never had a problem, and indeed after several years they still work perfectly, and I am free to use them as I like!

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