Mini Bluetooth keyboard Trust for tablets

To use the tablet more comfortably when I have to write a lot of text, I thought having a small keyboard was a smart thing. I had a limited budget, as I use the tablet not very often, and I started looking almost everywhere: ebay, aliexpress, and various online stores.
After many hours of research and comparisons, I found many but with keyboard layout (i.e. the letters that are printed on the keys) in English.
I didn’t resign myself and I did well: I found a beautiful keyboard Trust Nado 22242 suited my requirements perfectly!

I also found that it is sold with different layout versions, based on the market. For example, I found it with the Nordic layout (which is fine for the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish), but I refer you to the version in Italian, English and German:

Review of the tablet bluetooth keyboard

The keyboard is bluetooth version 3.0 and comes with two AAA batteries included (very convenient) non-rechargeable and a small user manual with instructions for use on Apple Mac, iOS, Windows and Android, as it works with practically any device.

On my tablet Samsung Tab A 2019 it connected immediately, you just need to type with the keyboard the code displayed on the screen when you make the pairing and it works very well. The only trick is that you have to configure the right keyboard layout! You will find many “negative” reviews on the keyboard, but only because users do not know (and they do not read the manual) that if they choose the wrong layout, it is obvious that certain characters cannot be done!

The keyboard is identical for the whole world, only the stickers on the keys change, the rest is the responsibility of your device. So do not worry that it is not true – as someone complains – that certain characters are not possible, but just configure the computer / tablet correctly. In fact, they required replacement, but then the new keyboard had the same problem of course! Then someone complained that the ESC key on their Android mobile / tablet was not working … but Android does not have the ESC key! But it has the back button, home, etc. that work correctly, just read (again) the manual.

I like the keyboard design, elegant, and although it is plastic, it is robust. Of course, for the money you will spend you cannot expect it to be carbon, gold and resist if you throw it from the 10th floor!

Others complain that it is not a good thing for daily use for many hours, and I would say that it seems obvious to me! Who would want to sit in a small chair all day? This is a reduced keyboard, very convenient to carry on the road, to put in the drawer, certainly in my opinion it cannot replace a “normal” keyboard, let’s face it, it would also cost you much more!
To make you understand the size you can see the proportion with the 10″ tablet. The keyboard weighs 293 grams, and has dimensions 28.6 x 12.1 x 2.2 cm.

I hope I have been helpful in finding a mini keyboard for your new tablet!

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