AirTies Air 4930 wifi router review – probably the worst wifi router available on the market

In the apartments where we live we switched to optical fiber with the HomeNet operator, which also provides an AirTies Air 4930 wifi router in the package (for free).
The Air 4930 router consists of a small main module and 2 additional modules, to extend the network.
The additional modules to extend the network are used in the case of very large houses, and in the presence of reinforced concrete walls, which block the wifi signal. For example, in the case of a single-storey apartment of about 70 square meters, they are useless.

When the technician installed the fiber optic network, he gave me the idea that I must activate all 3 modules (??). When asked for the reason, he was unable to explain. “Good” I said to myself… (ironic)…

Furthermore the modules communicate with each other ONLY with the 5 ghz. This would require to keep both the 5 Ghz enabled, but also the 2 Ghz which today is indispensable for many devices that do not support the 5 Ghz (Samsung smart TV, the Xiaomi S6 vacuum cleaner, etc.).
Not having the additional modules connected, the first surprise: the 5 Ghz red LED continues to flash. Forever. No chance to stop it. Here in my mind the first indication of how badly this router was designed and built.

I’ll put the photo on it, so if you pick it up or see it in some advertising, leave it where it is! Trust me, this router is one of the worst ever designed and built! I regret the routers of 20 years ago, which at a ridiculous price you bought a machine that worked forever.

Then, as you can also see, it is very compact in size, too bad it almost reaches the temperature of the sun! I’m not kidding, I think that in winter it can easily replace a heater.
For example, I had to put two feet below it to keep it raised in order to increase heat dissipation.

And this thing is nothing short of brilliant: just think that one would like to put the router in a place that is not very visible, but cannot at the risk of making the router catch fire. I am ironic, in the worst case – I hope – the components burn and then it stops working, with the relative disservices for a couple of days, just the time to find a new one.

At this point, having to put it in a ventilated place, you have to put it in plain sight: seeing the red LED flashing continuously is one of the most annoying things that exists. We can’t even cover it with something – wifi transmission would be affected.

Are we done? No, because given that we are in 2021 and we go practically a month every other month on Mars, and we also have reusable rockets that automatically return to the starting base, this router shows off the top of technology: when it shuts down, at the next restart the wifi no longer works. No, I’m not kidding. Today it happened to me, again.
When you call the technical service, the solution is quick: factory reset.
But are we serious? Today I lost 2 hours (yes, two hours) to reset the router because I had turned it off. Fortunately, I hardly ever turn it off.
The reset is carried out as in many other devices, by holding down the usual button hidden in the back for 5 seconds while it is on.

At least the reboot is fast. No, rebooting takes forever! I just can’t understand how rebooting takes so long! What should it do for 5 minutes? Has the firmware written to a Commodore 64 cassette? Mmm… thinking about it maybe a C64 would have taken less!

Then, after resetting it, finally try to enter the admin area (http://air4930.local/) to reconfigure your things: for example I change the name of the network, to indicate which is at 2 Ghz and which at 5 Ghz for obvious reasons (but obvious only to me, who live in the real world, but not to them).
It does not work. After endless tests I realized that, after the factory reset, the admin area does not work. But the admin area only works after one more clean reboot (hoping the wifi continues to work).

Today I was hallucinated. I really can’t imagine who can make such a poor quality product and sell it.
Tip: stay away!


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