Italian coffee review: Italian espresso grinder Krups GVX242 – OBH Nordica Precision Grinder

Norwegian coffee

Norwegians are big consumers of coffee, they drink a lot of coffee all day, even in meetings and move around the office with a cup in hand, whether they are employees or managers. The most famous coffee machine is the Moccamaster to prepare the filtered coffee, a sort of watered down American, which is very similar to Brazilian coffee. The concept is that the ground coffee is put in a paper filter, on which boiling water is poured and voila we have coffee. However, they use a slightly coarser ground coffee than our espresso coffee, which produces a slightly watered down and slightly acid coffee for our tastes.

Our solution

We are therefore forced to turn to coffee imported into “foreigners” shops, where all things imported from Italy, Turkey, Africa, Brazil, etc. are found where everything is very expensive. We like Brazilian coffee with filter, better than espresso, mocha, instant coffee and other types. To avoid being addicted to imported coffee, which costs a lot – 9 euro Illy / Lavazza of 250 gr – they thought of buying a coffee grinder and making us the Italian espresso grana. After hours and hours of research and reading hundreds of reviews, since I didn’t want to spend crazy amounts on a professional appliance, I found the perfect coffee grinder to make espresso grit which can also be used for filtered coffee. It can be found on sale both as Krups GVX242 and as OBH Nordica Precision Grinder (they are identical) and the use is very simple.


The coffee is ground through a mill cutter (mill type), and not with the blades, which is a substantial difference! Warning: with the blades you will never get an espresso grain!

It is possible to adjust the grinding grain from fine to coarse, and the finer produces a powder exactly like the coffee you buy at the supermarket. It also allows automatic adjustment of the quantity of coffee measured in “number of cups” from 2 to 12, which for us does not make much sense as a direct measure, but it is okay to adjust the quantity without having to do it manually.
The device is very well done: for the uninitiated Krups is a German brand that does exceptional and very robust products. For those who live in Northern Europe you will probably find it as OBH Nordica Precision Grinder, a re-brand of the same product.

I also think they are a beautiful gift for your friends who like Italian coffee!

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