Samsung Tab A 2019 review

From time to time it would have been convenient for me to have a cell phone with a larger screen to watch videos or read articles for work, perhaps to use when traveling by plane, without having to use the laptop which is a bit inconvenient due to the size, for the weight and for the power supply cable to carry around.

I thought about trying to buy a tablet, but I didn’t want to spend a lot as I don’t use it very often, maybe a couple of hours a week, and a couple of times a year while traveling. Also I wanted to buy something that could last me a few years (let’s say at least 3-5 years) and after many researches and comparisons I oriented myself towards the new model of Samsung released in April 2019, the Tab A 2019 with 10.1″ screen.

NB. The model code is T510 / T515, do not get confused with the models of the previous years (2018 and 2016) which are always called Samsung Tab A!

In practice, the models available are with two color variations (black/black and silver/silver) and two screen sizes (8″ and 10.1″):
1) 32 GB of memory and 2 GB of RAM , with wi-fi,
2) 64 GB of memory and 3 GB of RAM , with wi-fi,
3) and 4) as the same two previous models with wi-fi, but LTE version, or with the additional possibility of using a nano-SIM, or to use it as a mobile phone .

Since I wanted something that lasted many years, and that having more RAM could better support the needs of the websites of the next years, I thought that maybe spending 50 euros more now was better than having to spend again another 200 euros in two years, so I chose the model with more RAM.

I wasn’t really interested in storage memory because I wouldn’t use it to take photos or videos (even if it has two excellent cameras, 8 and 5 MP), so 32 GB was more than enough, however it is possible add an external memory via the microSD slot. Supports up to 512 GB (memory card not included), but you can buy a similar to these excellent sanDisk UHS-I U3 which have a good speed of reading and writing, therefore also suitable for recording videos and they will not make you the new tablet as slow as the “cheap” memories would do:

The other models available have the SIM card slot on the phone, but I wasn’t interested in having it, so with that savings on the SIM I took the model with 3 GB RAM.

The system is the classic Android, identical to what I have on the Galaxy S8, in practice it is a “giant” phone, so I immediately found myself at ease. It automatically downloaded all the updates and in the meantime I configured everything I needed: mail, applications and various Apps, in about a couple of hours.
I must say that I found it much faster/more powerful than I imagined, also because the price is really low! The screen and sound are also of good quality, and I found it perfect for Netflix. I’m not a sound and screen expert, and I can say that for “normal” use it’s fine. I also found the sensitivity of the touch screen very good, in short, nothing to complain about. The charging connector is Samsung’s classic fast-charging USB-C standard.
The good news is that it is a model of those supported for updating the operating system, so from the current Android 9 Pie it will be updated to the new Android 10.

For intensive use of writing I purchased a mini keyboard for bluetooth tablet, which I recommend and which I reviewed in this article: Mini Trust Bluetooth keyboard for tablet.

Then you will certainly need the book cover, with the table support, and tempered protective glass, because it would be a real pity that it would be ruined!

I hope I have given you a nice impression of this new Samsung tablet, because it is a purchase that I recommend for the whole family: it also has the “kids” mode.

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