How to clean the remote control of a Samsung television (Smart TV)

After several years the buttons on the remote control of the Samsung smart TV had started to no longer work perfectly, which was quite annoying.
Before our daughter found eating our remote control one of her favorite passions, she hadn’t had any problems. Also because we have a fairly high standard of cleanliness.

So I found the usual video tutorial on YouTube and, seeing as it was simple, I got to work.
Opening the remote was quite a pain, much more than expected, and it felt suspicious at first. If I hadn’t seen the video tutorial that actually managed to open it, I would have stopped trying.

Cleaning, however, was quite simple, the internal part is robust and of good quality.
The problem was closing it again: you can’t. In practice, when you open it, all the hooks that keep it closed break.
I wanted to warn you, so that you wouldn’t be disappointed like I was.

Luckily, on Aliexpress you can find identical remote controls, for just a few euros.
For example this:

The code with the exact model can be found printed on the remote control, there are different variations based on the buttons of the streaming services you have in your country. Here in Norway we have BN59-01315B with Netflix, Prime Video and Rakuten.

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