Xiaomi Roborock S6-S5 | Where to buy accessories and spare parts

After several years of daily use of the fantastic “robot” Xiaomi Roborock S6, unfortunately the rubber side brush is deteriorating, losing more and more pieces. The worst damage was done by cleaning a long-pile rug, the silicone arms tangled and stuck, breaking one.

Unfortunately in the spare parts that come with the original box there are only several spare parts of the Mop cloth, the filters for the Mop water tank, and a suction HEPA/filter. Unfortunately, the main brush and the rubber side brush are not included.

So I was looking for the original accessories and found them both in the official shop Amazon, and in the Aliexpress (Gshopper).
Reading the comments, many recommend the originals, complaining about malfunctions or poor quality of compatible spare parts.
I will take the originals from Amazon, as I use it often and I am happy to have it working perfectly!

I also recommend the multiple kit on offer at 27€/32$ from Aliexpress, never had a problem, much cheaper but longer delivery times. NB. in case of problems you can ask for a refund which they do in a few days!

Also in the official shop you will find other useful spare parts:

Update: I received from Aliexpress a kit with spare parts for the side brushes and the main brush. The packaging is original and of good quality, which protects the goods during shipment.
The kit had both white and black side brushes, and I verified that they are identical apart from the color.
The main brush also contains the handy brush with small knife for cleaning it.

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