Angel Care – compatible and economical refill of baby diaper bags

Are you using the Angel Care bin for nappies, but craving cheap refills? The bin is very convenient, retains odours, takes up little space and is easy to change, thanks to the 3-metre roll and the integrated bag cutter. But the official top-ups are really very expensive. So I tried a compatible alternative on Aliexpress and I must say that they really save money!

The bag container that I use has an external diameter of about 17 cm and an internal one of about 10 cm. It should be the “Genie” model, but I also found it referring to the “Angelcare Nappy Disposal System”. I bought the set of 12 for a total of about 35 euros, saving more than 50 euros. If you then take them in packs of 3, I would have saved almost 100 euros!

Click on the image below, if instead you have an ad-blocker and you don’t see it, you can use this link.

But I think they are also on Amazon, from the pictures they would look exactly the same!

You only buy the bags, which you place inside the same official Angel Care container, so no compatibility problems. Indeed, I find them even more robust and they smell good!
The only thing to pay attention to is to keep an original “ring”, and do the operation delicately.
Here is a brief photo-guide on the very simple operation.

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