Review anti-glare filter 3M | AG238W9B

Unfortunately with the computer station at home I have lighting problems, which leads me to have eye problems. This is due to various factors, but essentially I don’t have a dedicated room, and I have several light sources that I have a hard time controlling. So I have to stay a bit in dim light, because otherwise the reflections on the monitor would be excessive. I thought that an anti-glare filter, for example from 3M, could be a solution.

The 3M AG238W9B 24″ anti-glare filter costs about 100 euros, fits perfectly to the frame of my monitor, and has special stickers to make it adhere to the display. Be careful to choose the right size for your monitor, as there are many variations for all sizes and proportions.
The stickers are many use, they have no glue.

The anti-glare effect is minimal, but better than nothing, although I was hoping for better. The screen, however, also becomes a bit “blurred” even if it does not bother, it is an effect that I would like to note. Beware that it is not a privacy filter, it only reduces reflections on the display.
I think I’ll take another one, so that I have it in both monitors, always better than nothing.

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