Review Philips vertical handheld garment steamer ironer | 7000 Series | Philips STH7060/80

In Norway no one iron or expects you to have your clothes ironed, a shock to us in the beginning!
I saw colleagues arrive in the office with shirts so wrinkled that I did not believe what I was seeing.

Cultures are different, this is a fact, and they greatly influence our way of thinking, habits, expectations, what we like, what we find right or wrong.

I really appreciate the lightness of not having to iron everything, as we were obliged to do in Italy.

But I have a limit to how wrinkled a dress can be, so I like to “give a stretch” to a shirt every now and then.

Unfortunately, ironing two shirts takes a lot of time: take out the iron, the ironing board, load the water, wait for the steam to come under pressure, iron two shirts, and then put everything back in place.

I then saw the commercial for vertical steam steamers, and being very suspicious of the actual operation, I looked for videos that showed the actual operation.

Unfortunately I only found a few videos, and all advertising videos made by Philips themselves (so not very neutral).
So I decided to upload a video made by me. Sorry for the quality, but the room was very bright, I didn’t expect such low quality.

The model I tested is the “Philips Garment Steamers Steam&Go 7000 series”, in particular the more expensive model Philips STH7060/80, with the second 200ml tank.
I would remind that it is one of the best on the market (as a result) for the € 100 price range (I actually paid € 130 for it), so you can’t compare it to one of the many € 30 cheap-products you could find on Amazon.

In practice my advice whether to buy it or not depends on the expectations:
– are you Italian (and you live in Italy) and want to replace the iron and have impeccable ironing? No, maybe it is possible, but it would take 10 times longer.
– you are Italian (and you live in Italy) and you want to spend a short time ironing some item of clothing, so that it is not too wrinkled? Yes, but only to iron one, max two items at a time. Otherwise you would be less likely to use the iron.
– do you live abroad, and would you like not to go out too wrinkled? Yes, but only to iron one, max three items at a time. Otherwise you would be less likely to use the iron.
– do you want to remove some creases from a dress that you had in the wardrobe but don’t have time to iron? Yes, it will take a few minutes, which is acceptable.
– are you traveling, on vacation, for work, and you have a shirt in your suitcase that has annoying creases? Yes, acceptable result.

In our case, therefore, I find the purchase compliant with my needs and expectations.

I must say that the product is very well made, of quality, with attention to detail, and gives the impression of being robust.

Let me know what is your experience!

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