Chrome extension for automatic page scrolling

It may happen that you need to have an automatic scrolling of the page, or that the page slowly shows the contents without ever stopping, without having to force us to continue to “go down” with the mouse. For example on Facebook, or other social media, or blog with the loading of new articles when the last article is viewed. Or even for reading a book on the computer!

To solve the problem there is the extension for Google Chrome “Simple Auto Scroll“.
It has 3 different speeds (low, medium, high), the only flaw is that the maximum speed is not quite that fast.
So it all depends on the size of your monitor, but I’m sure you’ll be fine!

A note: after installing it, Chrome requires that you activate it and “pin” it on the extension bar, so that it is visible and you can activate the automatic scrolling by pressing the icon.
1 click = slow, 2 clicks = medium, 3 clicks = fast.
In the options you can also configure the speed by changing the number indicated, where “1” is the maximum speed.

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