Logitech MX Ergo ergonomic mouse review

After so many years of honorable service (I don’t remember exactly, but I think more than 10 years and countless moves), my ergonomic Logitech USB TrackMan Trackball Mouse T-BB18 has started to no longer be accurate when clicking and moving the mouse pointer, mainly because of me: I took it apart completely to clean it and it wasn’t really a great idea, given the many small pieces that make up the mechanism!

So I went for the “updated” model, the Logitech MX Ergo, which is the closest to the same posture as mine. One thing I found very interesting is the possibility of tilting it up to 20°, which would actually allow me to have my hand at rest and avoid a slight rotation that I was doing. Could it be true?

The packaging is as always for Logitech products, of high quality. It contains the mouse, the beautiful heavy iron top that magnetically hooks onto the bottom of the mouse, the USB dongle and the battery charging cable (standard, a cable like many others). Unfortunately there are no more mice with the USB cable, which I would prefer, so as to avoid radio transmissions right above my hand, and then not to have the thought of the battery, even if they say it lasts more than a month.

One thing I didn’t quite understand from their product graphics is that the tilt of the mouse is either 0° degrees (i.e. flat, like any mouse) or 20°, there is no possibility of have an intermediate adjustment. That’s fine with me, so it’s much more comfortable, but I think their “graphics” are a bit confusing.

I’m very happy with the mouse, it has a lot of extra keys that I don’t use, but the button for precision pointing sometimes might be useful. In practice, by pressing the button next to the ball, the speed of movement is reduced, so as to have greater precision. Re-pressing the button will return to normal speed.

To configure the mouse you’ll need to download the “Options” software from the Logitech website, and no manual is included in the box.

On my Windows 7 the mouse was recognized immediately, without any problems. What can I say, I recommend it!

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