Review/Rating humidifier Stadler Form Eva

A house, to be healthy, should have a humidity level between 50% and 80%, lower or higher values ​​are not healthy.

In the case of low humidity some effects on our health can be:

  • dry skin,
  • skin irritation, dandruff,
  • irritation of the skin, even intimate areas,
  • dry throat and lips,
  • difficulty/discomfort in breathing

These symptoms, if not treated, can lead to a worsening of the situation. Doctors or dermatologists usually suggest moisturizers, but they are only a palliative if the real problem is not addressed: low humidity.

The first step I recommend is to get a hygrometer (a relative humidity meter) and to check the percentage level of humidity in our home. This will allow you to better understand how your apartment behaves and verify for yourself if the measures you will make are sufficient. NB. A hygrometer costs a few euros, in our case you don’t need a super complex weather station.

Low humidity usually occurs in winter, when the difference in temperature between the outside and inside increases. This also explains why some symptoms worsen in winter, and disappear (or diminish) in spring / summer.

For a physical principle (and for the property of the air), the% of (relative) humidity of the outside air at 70% at a temperature of 5 ° C, inside our house which has a temperature of 25 ° C, will become 20% (very harmful). Consider that 70% of humidity can be found in autumn / winter when it rains. When it snows, the humidity is even lower. Personally in my home I measured values ​​of even 10% humidity, in fact we had all the symptoms I have listed, including the (fake) dermatologist’s remedies.

At this point we have two possible solutions:

  1. lower the temperature in our home. In the example above we could lower the temperature to 18-20 ° C and obtain a relative humidity level of about 30%.
  2. use an air humidifier, the purpose of which is to deliver humidity in the room to increase the humidity% of the house.

I chose the second method, and this year I bought a Stadler Form Eva humidifier, suitable for apartments up to 80 m2.

I’ll say right away that it’s a great product, superior in quality to the previous model I tried.

It is important to read the installation procedures carefully, as the limescale filter and cleaning procedures are very important.

In particular, you must be careful not to let water enter the duct leading to the electronic board. I speak from experience: I broke my previous humidifier exactly like this!

I don’t have a lot of experience with humidifiers, I can only compare it with the previous model from another brand, which was also cheaper.

In general, my impression is that it dispenses humidity more efficiently, I see it spread out in the room more. The fact that it has the remote sensor is very important, in this way the humidity measurement is more real than the integrated sensor, and the fact that the humidity it emits “falls” on it.

The refill tank lasts for at least a full day, whereas before I had to refill it more often. The procedure for putting water is a bit awkward, as when you take out the container some water falls on the floor. This for me is the first of two points that should be improved.

The second point is the tank’s water level indicator: you can’t tell how much water there is! I am very surprised that the manufacturers did not notice the problem.

I hoped the humidifying power would be greater, in my 64 sqm apartment, in the worst case it can increase the humidity by about 15%, managing to reach the recommended minimum of 35-40%. In the best case it manages to reach 50%, then stops automatically as per my setting.

So be careful to size this model for the size of your apartment. My apartment has an open-plan kitchen-living room and two bedrooms, with no corridors. This allows for good air distribution in all rooms.

The product is indicated “up to 80 sqm / 200 cubic meters”, but pay attention that in my opinion it depends on the starting humidity%.

I also really like the design and the fact that it can be kept on the floor.

Overall, however, it is a product that I recommend! Leave me a comment on your experience!

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