How to compare two Excel sheets quickly and easily

Do you need to compare two Excel sheets because you want to be sure they are the same, or do you want to see the changes made?
Are you having difficulty enabling the plug-in built into Excel (let’s face it, it’s very complicated), or you don’t have a valid license?

Then you will certainly find this simple and free add-in for Excel useful, which installs in a moment and is immediately available, without complicated configurations: Spreadsheet Compare

At this point you will find the download button of the installer, which I bring here also for your convenience: Spreadsheet Compare

Once downloaded, just install it with a double-click on the file and follow the simple installation procedure. Excel must be closed, otherwise the installation will not start.
At this point I advise you to open both the files you want to compare, select the “Add-Ins” tab and press the “Quick Compare” button. A menu will appear, select the “Compare” button. Done! The add-in will add a column at the beginning, with a graphical and numerical representation of the number of differences found.

The result is practically immediate and visually very simple to understand. A fantastic add-in!

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