Waterpik WP-400 Water Flosser Review | washing teeth with pressurized water for those who use orthodontic brackets

Having to use an orthodontic brackets to correct a deep bite, I found myself with the difficulty of cleaning my teeth.
Unfortunately, it is very difficult to clean the part hidden by the brackets and the orthodontic arch, especially near the gum. It is very important to keep the area close to the gum clean, because after a long period the gums can become inflamed and require interventions by specialists.
Unfortunately, due to the limited space between the teeth, I cannot effectively use the “interdental cleaners”, and obviously not even the dental floss.

I had had an Oral-B system that paired the electric toothbrush with a water jet (water jet), basically this:

I therefore asked my dentist, during the periodic cleaning, if it could be a possible solution.
The dentist then advised me to try the water jet from Waterpik (link to shop), which it seems to be a very popular brand among dentists.
I therefore chose the Waterpik WP-400 which, thanks to its battery operation and the limited space required, is convenient for me to use to keep on the sink. Waterpik still produces other devices, without battery and more bulky, but certainly more practical and also cheaper.

Let’s come to my opinion after use:
– upon first start-up it requires a 24-hour charge, power supply included in the package
– unbelievable but true, during the charge there is no LED or other visual/acoustic signal, so it is not possible to understand if it is charging or if the charge is already complete. I must say this point is a bit annoying, for me a big lack.
– has only two pressure levels, 1 and 2
– at pressure level 1, teeth cleaning is done better than I thought
– at pressure level 2, incredible but true, I had also read it in other reviews, my gums are bleeding (immediately)
– the water is sprayed in a pulsating way, micro-pulsations are perceived
– for daily use, the battery should last 2 weeks. Then you put it on charge overnight.
– 3 different nozzles and a tongue cleaner are provided
– as per manual, the device must be kept perfectly vertical, otherwise the water will not come out
– the nozzle can rotate completely 360 degrees
– adding and removing the nozzles is a very simple operation
– 7 oz (0.2 liter or 200ml) water tank lasts approximately 45 seconds
– refilling the water tank is very simple
– the purpose of the water jet is to clean between the teeth, not the teeth. That is, it does not replace the use of a toothbrush.

My final judgment is very positive, apart from the charging LED, otherwise it is an excellent product that does its job well. Recommended for those who wear orthodontic appliances.
But be careful: for me it cannot replace the normal cleaning of teeth and dental floss.

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