Stay away from Pearson – school books

I want to tell this true story, which happened to me, just to keep in the web history what can happen in 2021, and how certain companies exploit their dominant position to take advantage of poor families, who in addition to all the problems they have, also have to fight with the incompetence and arrogance of multinationals.

Basically I receive an email from a person who creates an account with Pearson, using my company mail. I wonder how this is possible. It looks like a phishing attempt. I verify, actually no, they look like links to real sites, of this “Pearson”, already heard of.

I check, I request a password change, it works, I have access to the account, I find some registered high school books. Okay, someone made a mistake. More than someone! Who, the person using the wrong email, or the portal that allows you to register without verifying that you actually own that account? I would say the second, and in 2021 by a large company, it makes me so sad, especially because poor families pay.

I try to contact this person, but on the web I didn’t find too much.

I contact Pearson, explaining the problem. They tell me that they do not care, that if they want to cancel my account, but the registered books will be lost, and no one will be able to reuse them as they use “one-time, personal and non-transferable activation codes”. Ok. Italy. Shame and the usual bullying of the multinational.

I guarantee you that I am no longer used to these things, as I’m living abroad from any years. But on the opposite, I was expecting apologies and promises of service improvement. But no: the fault lies with those who created a wrong account and burned a disposable code of the school book of the child of middle school who may have problems with the D.A. (Distance Learning).
Is this company you want to trust for learning books? Not me.

Pearson enlists developers who can’t even apply the basics of creating an account (but what are we in the 90s?) And have to pay families.
What if it happened to a teacher? Can you imagine an entire class (or even several classes) that are the teacher who cannot access the teaching material? But in my opinion, in that case, given that the book is chosen by the teacher, I bet they would have fix it immediately. Little Italy.

Does this happen in other countries? Let’s share your opinion on the comments below.

I hope this post will help others make informed choices, and not choose Pearson. After all, we have many alternatives.

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