Pulsed light epilator Silk’n Glide

After a year of use, it is time to review a pulsed light epilator by the manufacturer Silk’n, in particular a model from the Glide series with 30,000 pulses and 5 different power levels.

After hours and hours of research, comparing brands and all possible features, my wife decided to try the purchase of this model, which at the time was cheap and that would have been an investment – which if it hadn’t worked – it wouldn’t have been like this serious. The goal was to reduce the density and strength of the hair, to avoid continuous hair removal for the summer and travel, with a result that could be long-lasting (in practice a hair removal permanent) and that does not require going to the waxer, for an obvious saving of time (and money).

Frequency of use

The use was a bit “inconstant” for a total time of one year. Let’s say from once every two weeks, to once a week, a period without use, but also periods with even twice a week, in the end we can therefore say that the average use was about once a week. A session for both legs lasts about 30 minutes, while for the armpits it should take a few minutes. At the beginning you have to take a little hand and I advise you to read the (simple) instructions well, that some details are important to know in order to have a good result.


The results are evident, so in fact the technology works, considering that the model is the economic one with 30,000 pulsations. So surely a model with higher pulsations can give even better results. Now at a good price there are also models up to 400,000 pulsations, which therefore can give a permanent effect in much less time, I think even in a few months. If I had to repeat the purchase I would certainly aim for one of those models, therefore between 150 and 200 euros.

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Skin and fur color

The skin with which we tested it is light in color, and the hairs are brown, I would say “normal” for an Italian/European ethnicity. I say this because the manufacturer warns that on very dark complexions or for too light hair it may not work at its best. This is because the device has a sort of hair recognition, and for this it needs the right contrast.

I would like to remember that the epilator should be used on shaved, dry and deodorant-free skin and allows long-lasting hair removal of legs, arms, armpits, groin, face, back, shoulders and chest, both for men and women with light and dark skin. It can be used without protective glasses, even if the light emitted can be “annoying” (it emits a flash similar to a camera) for those who are in the same room, but you just need not look towards the light emitted.

Side effects: None

There were no side effects due to pulsation. So I think the warnings to be careful of using maximum power are only to avoid problems for the manufacturer, after all there are also people with sensitive skin, and it is right that they are warned. Let’s say that it is certainly advisable to start from the minimum power, and then increase until we believe it safe. The skin obviously a little warms up and “burns”, but nothing painful or permanent, as we have not even found coloring of the skin.

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