Roncato trolley suitcase review | why not buy them

A few years ago we bought some Roncato trolleys, which I must say have excellent quality, they are also quite famous and renowned for that.
In particular we have the “Ironik” model similar to the Blaze expandable soft cabin trolley:

Until I had a problem with the extractable/telescopic handle that got stuck, a very annoying thing, and which I think could happen to everyone a day.
I open it to investigate, I understand that maybe some parts are broken, I look for a spare part on the internet.

I discovered that Roncato’s policy is not to sell spare parts on the internet to private individuals, but only authorized dealers can do so.
So, according to them, you can’t buy yourself a spare wheel, or whatever, but rather buy yourself a new suitcase. Magri with the excuse “eh but we want our suitcases to be handled by authorized personnel to guarantee high quality”. Yes, of course, to prevent the Trolleys from damaging you if incorrectly assembled, right?
Nice politics huh? Very similar to Apple.

They should be fined, for I would say several obvious reasons, above all for environmental sustainability, which is very fashionable now, if we really want to ignore the economic factor.
Also their page that serves to search for an authorized dealer does not work.

Nice way to handle post-sales, you have definitely lost a customer.

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