How to choose a humidifier | Review InnoBeta Fountain, Venta LW 25, Trotec AW 20 S, Daikin MCK55W, Stadler Form Eva, Levoit Classic 300S, Wilfa Lotus

I was recently contacted for feedback on the Stadler Form Eva humidifier I reviewed. I found the discussion very interesting and full of information for those – like me – who are not exactly experts on the subject and what is on the market. Thinking of doing something useful, I report it here, adding my answer.
PS. I’ve made just a few minor edits to the text to make it clearer.

[…] due to home dryness issues with wood stove use, I’m trying to figure out what is an efficient humidifier or purifier/humidifier. I had a similar problem last year with just using the boiler heating (radiators).
Given that the room in which I absolutely want to increase the humidity is about 38m2 = 97mc. To date, during the use of the wood-burning stove, although the humidity outside is higher than 80%, the humidity inside is between 31-37% !!! Unhealthy of course and at most, having a daughter of almost 4 years, even more so.

My biggest dilemma, which product to choose, each one is better than the other if we look at the side of the reviews which in my opinion are often misleading from reality.
Then there is the economic reality, some models of humidifiers or purifiers/humidifiers, and people don’t pay attention to this, there is the need over time to change components such as filters, anti-limescale and so on that in a flash costs are quickly felt depending on the brand of the device chosen.
Be quick to find yourself spending between €30/40 and even €100 a year!!!
Therefore, maybe you temporarily spend € 150/200 and more in the purchase phase, wanting for a “hypothetical” good device and then continue and continue to spend money behind it in the years to come. For charity! For HEALTH this and more, God forbid!

Initially, getting caught up in the misleading review, I had purchased the InnoBeta Fountain 3.0L humidifier which a ciofeca was detected, not even after a full day and at most the humidity rose above 3/4%. For heaven’s sake, a product of “only” around € 60.00.

Not wanting to make the same mistakes again, I saw the following interesting models:

– Humidifier Venta-Air mod. LW 25 Comfort Plus (German product) neo NOT recently many are talking about noise problems over time due to wear of the mechanism and not so efficient, to say nothing of some reviews encountered, from the point of view of humidification.

– Humidifier Trotec Airwasher AW 20 S (German product) implementing a principle/mechanism “similar” to the model mentioned above makes me a little “scared” of tripping over the same type of inefficiency. Then, to keep the considerable costs that must be used for the replacement of accessories during the year.

– Humidifier/purifier Daikin MCK55W (Japanese product) if it weren’t for an aesthetic factor, I think it is an efficient product from every point of view as, for example, the filters must be changed every 10 years!!! Excellent I would say, as well as energy consumption. Naturally to be seen if it is actually efficient as regards humidification.

– Humidifier/purifier Stadler Form Eva regarding this latest model I would like to hear from you further point of view after 2 years of use I suppose, cost of changing components, effective efficiency in humidification, etc. If, in my case, he would deem it a great product. I would be very grateful.

– Humidifier Levoit Classic 300S (American product) at first glance could “resemble”, as a type of humidifier, to the one previously purchased which proved to be inefficient. However, looking at the technology adopted such as the emission speed of the nebulization, it makes me think it is still a superior product.

Here, as far as possible and with the utmost respect for your time, I would like to hear your position on my case.

My answer on the experience of several years with Stadler Form Eva:

The Stadler Form Eva remains active 24/24 to bring the humidity from about 0% to 30% max, in the worst condition.
The worst condition here is when it snows and the temperature is -5/-10, therefore a very low absolute (and relative) humidity (my hygrometers show LL, which basically means 0%!).
In this condition, 1 charge of water lasts approximately one day.
This is the 3rd year that I have used it, so it has done about 2 full seasons November-March, running every day.

If, on the other hand, the situation is a little better, it still runs all day and the environment reaches around 40/50%.
But let’s consider that I have:
– radiator heating (hot water),
– internal temperature of 25/26 degrees,
– air recirculation vents open
– an open space (kitchen + living room) of about 60 m2.
The apartment is about 70m2, but I try to keep the two (small) bedrooms closed.
In my opinion it’s a little undersized, but I haven’t found anything else on the market with the same declared “power”, and that can stay in an apartment that doesn’t look like a gigantic and horrible industrial thing.

As for spare parts, I don’t know, here we don’t have limescale, the water is pure from the tap, so I only spend 20 euros a year on the descaler to clean the interior (for my hygienic whim, I don’t even think it would help).
As I wrote in the review the design leaves a little to be desired in terms of cleanliness, but nothing insurmountable.

Now I have a humidifier in the room just for sleeping (with the door strictly closed), which I am comfortable with, the Wilfa Lotus HU-4W which I have to say to my surprise helps tremendously for dryness (skin, throat, etc) in general.

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