Replace damaged headphone ear cushion for JBL / JBL 650BTNC

After a couple of years the ear cushions of our JBL 650BTNC headphones were all ruined.
A big surprise that they had spoiled so quickly, they had become horrible, they were leaking bits of gum around the house, and they had always been handled with care! From the cost of the headphones I would have expected a much longer duration!

Fortunately, however, we discovered that it was possible to replace them easily and you could get a headset as good as new!
The guide should be valid for models: JBL E65BTNC, JBL 650BTNC and JBL 660BTNC

Here where to buy them on Amazon:

Or identical to mine with which I used to make the video, purchased from Aliexpress:

Here is the video of the simple procedure:

In practice, just do this:
1- unclip the bearings with the special small knife supplied, but any other similar object, such as a knife, should also be fine.

2- [optional] if they are dirty, clean the edges of the headphones

3- re-attach the bearings with light pressure.
NB. Respect the “L” left or “R” right direction, as also indicated in the fabric of the headphones and in the headphones themselves.
However it is impossible to do it wrong, because there is a special hole that allows only the insertion of the right part.

4- enjoy headphones that are as good as new

Let me know if you have succeeded too!

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