Review monitor Lenovo ThinkVision P24h-2L

Like many I can now take advantage of the work from home option. This made it necessary to have a professional workstation to be able to work in comfort, with attention to ergonomics and posture.

In addition to the Stokke chair that I already reviewed a couple of years ago, I needed to have a setup with 2 monitors, as it is practically mandatory for my work. This is because it allows you to see more things at the same time, for example the code in the editor, and the software I am working on (be it a website, a web administration interface, or a Windows client).

Since I have a laptop (Dell XPS, also reviewed that recently) the video cards do not have enough power to have multi-monitors at 4k, and also, not having enough space on the desk, I cannot go on monitors larger than 24″. The 24″ 4k monitors available on the market are few and very expensive, so I opted for a good quality monitor at a great price: Lenovo ThinkVision P24h-2L.

The advantage of this monitor is that in addition to having a lot of different options to connect (HDMI, Display Port, Usb-C) it also has the little advertised Daisy chain.

In practice, through the USB-C port I connected two Lenovo ThinkVision P24h-2L monitors with Display Port in daisy chain. The term “Display Port” is also shortened to “DP”, and represents the more “modern” way of connecting monitors, a more advanced standard than VGA and HDMI.
Daisy chain is a little advertised feature (I don’t know why) of some monitors which in my opinion is a killer-feature! You can connect the second monitor in cascade to the first, so – for example – only one monitor is connected to the laptop, while the other uses the “Display Port OUT” to feed the signal to the “Display Port In” of the second monitor. A nice saving on cables, ports and docking stations!

In addition, the monitors have USB ports, where I can directly connect the wifi dongle and the webcam, how many fewer cables!
But be careful: since the first monitor is connected in USB-C, the USB ports that are on the monitor become as if they were part of the computer, instead the ports of the second monitor, being connected in daisy chain via Display Port, can only deliver power (so great to charge devices).

In the end I must say that it is an excellent purchase, recommended! A great gift for a student or family member!

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