How to organize/hide cables in an Ikea Bekant desk

Like me, many now have a home office, a workstation, a desk. For example, I have a height-adjustable Ikea Bekant 120×80 desk.
Then the problem arises of how to keep organized all the monitor cables, power supplies, etc.
After various searches I managed to find a slightly more aesthetically pleasing solution than the perforated under-desk cable management tray which give me the very “industrial” feeling, and it is also cheap, as well as being very practical.
I found the article that I liked under various names on different sites, but the product is always the same.
On amazon it is of the brand “PureMounts“, while here in the north I found it as “Luxorparts” (Kjell & Company), but you can also find many other brands, depending on the retailer.

Reading the comments on the various sites, I found an interesting comment from a buyer who suggested that by placing two side by side, the 120cm width of the Bekant desk is perfectly covered. So I tried the suggested solution, and bought two trays.

We liked the result, but the only flaw is that the VESA bracket for the monitor no longer fit, and we had to move it. The system of this tray is very convenient, as it allows you to release one side and operate comfortably to arrange the cables and connect them to the power strip.
The problem is that with two trays, the fixing falls right next to the desk stand bracket, thus not allowing the tray to be fixed a little further inwards as I had planned.
The paper template that comes with it is a bit cheesy in the sense that it’s made of paper, so it flexes when you need to position it for the screw holes, and it also doesn’t cover the full size of the tray, but just between the screws (in practice it doesn’t help too much).

Here you can see the various stages of the work I have done.

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