How to clean/remove trackball/ball from logitech MX Ergo

Are you using a trackball mouse and the ball no longer moves smoothly like it did when it was new? how to clean it?

This procedure should be valid for all trackballs, not only for the MX Ergo, such as the Trackball Ergo M575, M570, Trackball Marble and TrackMan.

Cleaning the Logitech MX Ergo trackball is very simple, if you know that the ball/trackball just removes easily!

Just make a little pressure with a pen from under the mouse, and the trackball disengages. At this point you can gently clean the area, and then with light pressure re-insert it.

Very simple, I had discovered it sooner! That’s why there’s that hole under the trackball, it seems obvious to me now, but I have to say it’s well designed.

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