How to make a good American coffee with filter and Lavazza

As I explained in another article, we started buying coffee beans and grinding it ourselves.
In fact I thought it was simpler, but obtaining a good result took some time and many tests.
We found in a chain called Elkjop at a good price the “Lavazza Qualita Rossa” coffee beans, intensity 5/10, 1Kg and the “Lavazza Espresso Barista”, intensity 7/10, 1 Kg.

I state that we prefer Brazilian-brewed coffee, or filtered coffee, in some areas also called American coffee. You mean that you put about 4 doses (spoons) on a special disposable “funnel” paper filter (but we have the original Brazilian multipurpose, fantastic, plastic one) and we pour boiling water. The result is similar to mocha coffee, but slightly more liquid, but be careful, not “watery”! The flavor is still strong and decisive, and has nothing to do with the broth that is often found in Italian clubs, as they absolutely cannot do it.

We started by grinding “Qualita Rossa” to the maximum, and the result was that the coffee was acidic, so we understood that it had to be coarser ground. With the right grain the coffee was no longer acidic, but for our taste it was too light (let’s say “watery”, to understand each other).
So we ground the “Lavazza Espresso Barista” and we got a coffee that was not acidic, but too strong.
At this point we had the nice idea of mixing them 50-50 and we got a coffee that suited our tastes.
I hope I have been helpful in understanding how to proceed in preparing coffee when you are abroad!

If instead you like the typical Italian coffee made with the Moka, I remind you that on the induction ovens (like Ikea to understand) the classic Moka Bialetti – being made of aluminum – does not work!

So you have to get a steel Moka! But also pay attention to the size of the base, if too small the top does not activate (e.g. it goes into safety protection mode like mine), and consequently some models you need the one with at least 4 cups. But simply rely on the manufacturer’s description, as it is always indicated if suitable for the induction hob.

Now you know what to give to your friends who love Italian coffee living abroad!

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