Apple devices are not safe, nor a good choice

Being a technician, I have a different view of things than the “normal” consumer. Unfortunately some things that I take for granted, I have noticed that many completely ignore them.
The so-called “Apple fans” many times are completely unaware of the real quality of the products they admire so many, mainly because they are easily influenced by marketing activities (advertising). In this Steve Jobs was a magician, like Mussolini, but be careful, not from a political point of view, but because – if you have studied history – you will know that he was the genius who invented this concept.
The fact that Apple has managed to sell so many devices confirms how great their marketing division is.
Many times I have heard poor unsuspecting consumers compare Windows or Android devices with their super-expensive Apple products.
But why “poor”? because they didn’t realize that they weren’t talking, because no sane person could compare, for example, a 300 euro Acer computer with a 2000 Apple computer. Yet they did! And then they parroted what the marketing gave them “Apple is safe, it doesn’t have viruses, it’s not Windows”.

But I’m a technician, I compare in a scientific way, based on facts. But I consider personal taste a choice to be respected.
So if an acquaintance tells me that he has chosen an Apple device for the brand, I agree and I’m happy for him. Or for specific functions, fine. But I don’t think it’s fair that they are chosen because of lies.

For example, about the security of Apple devices: do you know that the myth of the infallible and safe Apple devices has collapsed?
Apple had to forgo (not by choice of course, but as it was legally fake) their advertisements where they bragged that they didn’t need antivirus, that they were safe, etc. But this lie lasted for many years, and the consumers who got infected (and didn’t even know it) numbered in the millions. And we don’t have the real numbers, as Apple doesn’t cooperate and refuses to give more information “to defend their customers”.
We talk about customers who then find cloned credit cards, have computers part of a botnet, who find their photos protected by the apple cloud on blogs, and their voices, discussions, intimate moments, recorded, listened to and disseminated by their trusted technicians… but who according to them could do it, being “a sample”.

Technology sites often (only) report news of Apple’s security disasters, affecting hundreds of millions of devices. These articles bring to light that Apple’s leaders have deliberately tried to – not only ignore – but also hide the damage from consumers, so as not to collapse the house of cards.
These security issues have especially hit the (according to them, but the facts are very different) infallible Apple Store.
Consumers have already been scammed with planned obsolescence, something in my opinion to close the company, but luckily for them they only got a fine.
Apple has taken several fines in the past for many illegal activities, but what surprises me is how consumers still choose to be scammed just for the “brand”.
Apple has a good marketing division, and a significant influence on journalistic tests, so it is not talked about among consumers. The advantage of having a lot of money.
Apple criticized and mocked Google and Microsoft, but at least they took their responsibilities and tried to improve their products.
Do you really know who you are trusting and entrusting your money to? Is this what you want for yourself and your children?

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