Review | Weekly food box “Hello Fresh” and “Godt Levert” in Norway

What do both services of delivering the weekly box of ingredients and recipes to your home have in common?
Incredible to say but I would have thought about the quality, variety of ingredients, simplicity, etc.

But no, the thing they have in common, and where they excel, is the scam-system set up.

In practice, their purpose is to get you a box every week at home, regardless of whether you have chosen what you want to eat, and give you the smallest possible window of time to pause / cancel the service, with great ability to make everything confusing. it’s difficult. In practice, it is not you who decide what and when to receive a box, but they who must receive it every week.
If you notice the box for one person is not available, because their purpose is to leverage families with children who do not have time to manage things, to send them home four things put together at sheik prices, which cost them a few pennies. , to you as much as 5 expenses.

Too bad, because the idea was good, but the realization really denounces.

Do you know why I did this review? because after trying “Hello Fresh” and being blocked for 4 weeks because I thought it was the constraint of the offer I signed, I found that it was not true, and I said “Let’s try another” because I felt scammed but it was fun receive a box every week, so that you can vary and do something new.
So I try “Godt Leveret” and I find myself in the same situation on the verge of scam, with boxes never chosen and the impossibility of having only one box of my choice (with the recipes chosen by ma, maybe also).

And the alternative is to unsubscribe, but then you’ve already paid for next week’s cash, so what’s next?
I must say well thought out and made, but by an evil genius. And then they talk about UX and “user experience”.

They should make laws against these things, not just for GDPR/privacy and accessibility.

And in 2022! and both through the website and through the app.
And I work in computer science, so I know these things, as I also realize them!
I imagine how easily a person less experienced in these things can find himself “stuck” in these systems.

The solution is simple: stay away.

Also note that all services offer you the same offer: a 20/30/40% discount on the first boxes, because then they know that getting out is not easy at all!
I will also try a third service we have available here, I will update you on that too, “Adams matkasse”.

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