My experience | CDON site review | the customs costs of the fake Norwegian site

I have often seen the CDON site advertised both in Google search results and on Prisjakt, so I thought it was a reliable sto.
The site has the Norwegian extension, and looks Norwegian. Unfortunately, only when ordering did I understand that in reality they do not sell the goods directly, but that they rely on other sellers, with shipping from Sweden!

On the site alone, however, they confirm that there are no hidden extra customs costs to be paid by you.

Too bad that the Norwegian customs has now asked me 279.00 nok of customs clearance costs. In practice, a 50% increase in the cost of the purchased item. And their helpdesk replied with a nice “Ah it’s not up to us, it’s up to that specific seller”.

In practice, in my opinion, what they declare is false: the customs clearance costs are at your expense!

I hope to be of help to others not to fall into this trap online (I don’t think I can use the word scam for bureaucratic/legal reasons, but personally I feel that way).

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