Review Beurer MG80 | infrared massage device

Since every now and then it happens to have some neck pain, or back pain due to the many hours sitting in front of the computer, we thought of trying a massage device.
After some analyzes, in which we evaluated both the “sitting” devices and the “gun” type devices, we chose the Beurer MG80, thanks also to its low cost and flexibility of use.

The use is very simple, the only care you need to have is to insert the two accessories on the heads, but it is very simple and explained in a clearly visible sheet in the box.

There are two settings available:
– one to indicate if you want only massage or massage + infrared
– the intensity of the vibration
The intensity of the vibration at minimum is more than sufficient, we find it the right setting.
I thought infrared generated more heat, but I have to say that that’s okay too.

The device is absolutely not heavy to hold, even if you have to massage your back or neck. I want to clarify it because I have read some reviews that complained of too much weight (which was my only doubt in buying it). I think those who complained about the weight were people with other problems. For me, an adult and healthy person shouldn’t have any problems, and even if you are small and thin you will do it easily.
The use is very simple and very pleasant, both in self-massage and if someone else does it for you. We prefer to use it with the “nodule” accessories on the heads, which gives a nice feeling and can be used without pain/discomfort even on the bones (collarbones, etc.).

The very long cable is beautiful!


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