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How Pakkeautomat works

In Norway (or at least in Oslo) PostNord and Posten started a new service to deliver easily the goods to the consumers, trying to avoid to send them to the shops, and be able to allow the picking outside opening times.
A box with many compartments, with different sizes, that can be opened by you via Bluetooth and their App.
On the paper it looks very useful, but there is a (big) problem: the human aspect.
So, for example, I just paid 99 nok (10 euro) in a web shop for babies – that are known to be super expensive and the delivery fee are usually sky-scraping compared to normal web shops that provide also free delivering – and I chose the “Pakkeautomat” close to my home. The alternative was a pretty far away “physic” shop, because the usual 2 minutes walk from my home was not available with PostNord.

Easy and cool, right?


How PostNord Pakkeautomat actually works

They delivered to a shop that it takes to me at least 1 hour to reach, because they said the Pakkeautomat had no free slots. Ok. So what I have paid 99 NOK for? Home delivery costs a few bucks more, WTF!

If I remember correctly, I haven’t had problems with Posten Pakkeautomat, so I suspect it’s more a PostNord-driver “problem”.
It’s not the first time it happens with PostNord, and I suspect that the PostNord drivers have a different kind of business contract (more packages delivered, more money?).
So he just had no time to have an extra route to the Pakkeautomat, and delivered everything to the shop. This is possible because the system works as (unknown to me at the time I did chose Pakkeautomat) if there is no available slot, they can deliver to the shop.
They will not retry.
They will not allow you to chose a shop.
Who planned this thing?
Its a mistery to me.

In short: Stay away for Pakkeautomat if you don’t have a “default” shop in the near distance, because 70% of the times they will not deliver to the box.

How RUDO reacted

In the beginning they will not care about my discomfort, but after some “not really kind words” (yep, sorry, but I was very upset, and with a infant just arrived is not easy to keep calm when these bully try to take advantage of) they agreed to deliver to the Pakkeautomat.

I hope this can post help someone else, we don’t have infinite time, and we should use it at its best.

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