JBL Live 650 BT NC wireless noise canceling headphones

Headphones with noise cancellation are widespread here in the north. For example, they use them in offices, even without music, with only active noise cancellation ( noise canceling , or noise reduction ), to be more concentrated and less distracted by noise environmental.
Another situation in which they are very useful is during airplane flights, which allows you to sleep or watch a movie, greatly reducing the background sound of the engines.
Also excellent to study , such as in the library, or why not even at home, to reduce the disturbances of other people such as TV, radio, discussions.
The model we have is the JBL Live 650 BT NC (NC = Noise Canceling) cap, black in color so less sensitive to wear / dirt. Having the microphone, they can also be used to talk on the phone .

The TalkThru function allows, with a touch on the pavilion, to turn down the music , allowing you to talk to others without taking your headphones off. With the Ambient Aware function you can always manage the background noise.

It has a connection system with bluetooth very comfortable, really simple and without any stress, both on an Android smartphone and on a PC with Windows 10. The battery is rechargeable through a common USB cable (however included in the package ) and has a duration of 30 hours. However, they can also be used with low battery through the 3.5 “connector (included in the package), usable on most devices (PC, mobile phone, etc.). The cable has a 3.5 connector “to be connected to the source (eg PC or mobile phone) and 2.5” to be connected to the headphones.

Package contents

The joint on the pavilions is also very comfortable, allowing you to place it and pack it without damaging it and taking up less space. The original package also includes a bag / bag to carry them around.
Note that it is not suitable for use in the gym, as the sponge would absorb sweat.

Ah! I forgot! It also has Alexa and Google Assistant, but we don’t use them, and they can also be completely excluded through the App (both for Android and for iOs). After all, it’s nice to know you’re not being listened to 🙂

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