How to use the character map to insert each symbol or character

If you already know how to do all the symbols with the keyboard as I already taught you in this article Read here – How to make all the symbols with the keyboard now you can amaze everyone by inserting special characters that you will not find directly on the keyboard, to embellish and make more professional your documents.

So if the desired symbol is not among those available from your keyboard (it will also depend on the language you are using) you can use the very comfortable and famous “character map” available from the menu “All programs – Accessories – Utilities” on all Windows computers (from Windows 95).

The character map allows you to enter any available font for a specific font, such as:

  • accented letters or letters not available on the keyboard, necessary for different languages, such as Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Arabic, Greek, etc. (å, ø, æ, etc.)
  • Greek characters used in mathematics, physics and electrical engineering (~, ±, ø, etc.)
  • special symbols such as copyright, registered trademark (©, ®, etc.)
  • special symbols to embellish your documents (☼, ♀, etc.)

In the simple program that will open, you will have to select some simple information:

  1. select the font you are using, even if for the main fonts this would not change anything, some may have different mappings.
  2. select the character – just click on it – that you want to insert or whose code you want to know (together with the Alt key)
  3. Now you can press on “Select” and then on “Copy“, to then be able to paste on your text, or alternatively < / li>
  4. you can see which code to type together with the “Alt” key, in this case to insert the Copyright © symbol, we will have to hold down the “ Alt” and then press in sequence the numbers “0169″ of the numeric keypad.

Warning: the numbers must be those of the numeric keypad. With “normal” numbers above the letters it may not work. You can find the number keypad on the right of the keyboard, or you can obtain the same numbers with the function keys using the “Fn” key (usually of a different color such as orange or blue) available on “small” keyboards, for example for notebooks with a 16 “screen or less.

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