How to remove LastPass trackers | Security and privacy

Some sites report that trackers have been discovered within LastPass, the popular browser extension that helps remember passwords. Trackers are third-party sites that “follow” you and store everything you do, such as the sites you browse, habits, etc. etc. One example is Google Analytics trackers.

Trackers do not generate security problems, only privacy problems.
These trackers are used to know what you do, your habits, which all the free apps and services that are provided to you already do. An example of all “Google Mail” and “Google Maps”.
But if by any chance you want to disable them, the developers of LastPass say it’s possible with a simple “Account Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy”.
Which took me a good half hour to figure out how to do it.
So I publish my screenshots in English and Italian. It should be easy to understand in other languages as well.



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