Generic Docking Station for All Laptops HP Thunderbolt Dock 120W G2 | tested with Dell XPS

These days I am providing advice from a client who has a beautiful solution for workstations available: a generic docking station that is suitable for all notebooks and brands. Model is HP Thunderbolt Dock 120W G2 (HSN-IX01).
I was puzzled at first, but I have to say it works great!

It has enough ports to connect the LAN ethernet network, USB keyboard and mouse, 2 external monitors, Thunderbolt interface, dual format for USB-C laptop power supply or with normal cable. Virtually everything you need! It also takes up little space, and the two power cables are “disconnectable” from each other, they are “magnetic” type, so they adapt to all needs.

The only limitation I have encountered, is that my Dell XPS 9520 15 “complains that the power supply is not enough (it requires non-standard power), but it does not bother me, the battery does not tend to drain, not known performance drops.

What can I say, I find it a very economical solution but at the same time very flexible and powerful, I recommend it for all offices!

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