AnySharp Sharpener Review – My Judgment, My Experience

One day I found an offer for a knife sharpener that looked “magical”, and since I have all my knives not sharp, and no matter how hard I try, I can never sharpen them well with the manual sharpener, I thought it was worth worth a try, instead of buying new knives every time!

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised, and now my knives are back “normal”. It must be said that I am not a chef, nor a connoisseur of knives, so mine is more of a “normal person” experience. But surely those who are chefs or are expert in knives, do not need this review or my opinion 🙂
Be careful to read the instructions carefully, as the device has a limited duration of swipes, and if you do too many on a knife, in addition to noticing the sharpener screw, you will also remove a lot of material from the knife blade.
Also pay attention to the type of knives it can sharpen, namely “normal” knives and bread knives.
Another thing to pay attention to is the “pressure” to be exerted on the cltello when sharpening it: just place it, because if you “push” it down, you will remove a lot of material and shorten the life of the device.

A couple of months ago I sharpened about 6 knives, which are back to normal, meaning that I can now cut fruit and vegetables again without much effort. I also recommend it as a gift for friends who like to cook!
But I think I will be able to sharpen others, I will keep you updated!

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