Practical example of how to fold the IKEA bag

Do you have an Ikea bag and you don’t know how to fold it? This video can help you!

Youtube video link

The procedure for folding the Ikea bag is very simple! The most important point is to make the trapeze on the bottom, then everything is simpler. If you still have the original fold lines of Ikea then it’s even easier.

  1. Restore the bottom square
  2. Make the trapeze following the bottom line
  3. Fold the handles inside
  4. Right side folded
  5. Fold the left side
  6. Fold in half
  7. Finished!

I would like to remind you that Ikea bags can also machine wash with very little detergent and a short program, and dry them with the dryer using a quick program for synthetic clothes.

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