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I needed some stuff for my daughter, and after a quick search the only available store that had that article was ““. To do not invest more time in my research was a big big mistake.

Why? Because in the checkout they provide you the info about the delivery: your address, without any other option or more information.

So you think that after you paid 4000 nok (400sh euro) you will get a home-delivery (as stated in the checkout), nope, they think the delivery is not important for you!
Instead they just use automatically the cheapest and worst supplier, Postnord, and delivery to pakkeautomat!
That means now you have a HUGE problem, and when you have a small baby, the time is very important, you will not want to waste hours to save 50 nok (5 euro).

Said that, I think that every internet shop that has not understood that the customer comes first, should be avoided. The customer time is important.

I raised the question to the help-desk (and the word “help” here is a joke I think) and they replied that “they state in the confirmation email the delivery method”.
So they are confirming themself that AFTER you bought and that you have seen your address state in the delivery option without any another possibile choice, they write to you “ah is not true what we said in the checkout, you will get something else”.

We live in year 2023, but it looks they don’t know it yet. They don’t care about customers, just money.
I cross my fingers and I hope everything goes well with my order, because otherwise I suppose it will be a huge mess to get a refund or some other kind of help.

My suggestion: Stay away from

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